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Sodininkystė ir daržininkystė

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Mokslo darbų leidinys
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Scientific Journal
Scientific works of the Department of Lithuanian Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry – the Institute of Horticulture and Aleksandras Stulginskis University
   The aims of the journal Sodininkysė ir daržininkystė are:
  • to promote agricultural research, seeking to find novel theoretical and practical solutions for the development of horticulture
  • to disseminate research results on biotechnology, plant physiology, plant pathology, growing technologies of orchard plants and vegetables, fruit and vegetables processing issues
  • to ensure dissemination and popularization of scientific expertise, publishing the latest research results, reports and conference proceedings.

The list of volumes and links to scientific articles are placed on the Volumes page.

The Institute of Horticulture, LAMMC

The institute employs 44 scientific workers, 2 of whom are habilitative doctors, 3 professors, 1 docent and 38 doctors. On average 10 students are in doctoral studies at the institute annually.  The Institute of Horticulture publishes the national peer-reviewed scientific journal “Sodininkystė ir daržininkystė”.
The journal is published since 1983. "Sodininkystė ir daržininkystė" is indexed in the CAB Abstracts, EBSCO Publishing and VINITI databases.


Footage about the Institute


Address of the Editorial Office:

Institute of Horticulture Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry

LT-54333 Babtai, Kaunas district, Lithuania



Phone +370 37 55 52 10

Fax +370 37 55 51 76



Institute of Horticulture of Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (IH, LAMMC), is a scientific research institution engaged in horticultural plant collection, evaluation, breeding and research. Scientists have focused on improving cold hardiness, resistance to diseases and pests, and yield as well as shipping and shelf life qualities in tree fruits. Research is also concentrated on fruit quality, plant development and biotechnology applications aimed at ensuring high quality of reproductive material for fruit plant production practices.

Each year, the IH LAMMC researchers publish more than 100 popular scientific publications. New crop cultivation technologies or their components, new varieties and other valuable information on the issues of agriculture and horticulture are introduced in publications, recommendations, information booklets etc.

The main directions of the research at Institute are as follows:
- to develop theoretical basis for breeding of horticultural plants, create new varieties, accumulate and preserve genetic resources of horticultural plants in Lithuania;
- to investigate biological regularities of horticultural plants, model agrobiological systems for quality and productivity;
- to model and optimize processing and storage processes of fruits, berries and vegetables, analyze biologically active matters of orchard and garden plants in fresh and processed production